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Micro enterprise development saving and credit program

Micro enterprise development saving and credit program

Project Fact Sheet 01/2016:Micro enterprise development saving and credit program

Micro credit, economic support, economic empowerment of women project

Project Description:

The overall objective of the project was to introduce credit scheme for the women of district Lower Dir for establishing small businesses. It was a revolving micro credit scheme in which beneficiaries were encouraged for savings. Their savings and returns were redistributed among fresh beneficiaries. The program was started exclusively for women.

Following outputs contributed to achieve the goal of the program:

  1. 800 women got financial assistance through small grants
  2. 11 women groups were formed to guarantee return of credits from beneficiaries
  3. Separate Bank account in place for the purpose of micro finance and credit scheme
  4. Capacities of 800 women beneficiaries built to establish and run small business on sustainable basis.

The credit scheme contributed to the stabilization of economic condition of women in Lower Dir.

Main Objectives and Activities

  • Provided economic support to women for establishing small businesses


  1. Formation of 11 women groups to take guarantees for the beneficiaries.
  2. Establishment of joint account to regulate the credit and return of money.
  • Capacities of women beneficiaries built up to establish small businesses.


  1. Capacity building trainings/workshop for the women beneficiaries to establish and run their own businesses.



A total 850 women were direct beneficiaries of the project.

Duration:1998 and 2006 (6 years)

Location:(Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Dir Lower)

Project budget:Total budget: 13,000 USD

Project Partners: National Partner Institutions:


Other Partners: Stakeholders and beneficiaries

Development Partners :Asia Foundation and Trust for Voluntary Organizations (TVO)

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