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Jamhori Maidan Program (JMP)

Project Fact Sheet 01/2014

Title: Democratic Governance (Jamhori Maidan) Project

Thematic Area: Good Governance, engendered democracy

Beneficiaries: There are a total of 825 direct beneficiaries of the project. i.e. 660 elected local government representatives, 45 members of YLF and 45 members of COF and 75 line department officials.

Duration: October 2013 to March 2015 (1.5 years)

Location: (Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 3 districts in Malakand Division – Dir Lower, Dir Upper, and Malakand)

Project budget: Total budget: 464,000 USD

Project Partners: National Partner Institutions: Election Commission of Pakistan; Local Government, Elections, Rural Development Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Other Partners: District Press Clubs, Lawyers Associations, Political Parties, Personnel of Executing Agencies at District Level

Development Partners: Conflict Pool, British High Commission, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Main Objectives and Activities in 2014

  • Provided community  feedback to the leadership of major political parties of Pakistan to discourage bar on women voting and encourage women and youth both as voters and candidates  in the project districts


  1. Desk review of manifestoes of seven major political parties conducted to find gaps in implementation of women and youth inclusive policies.
  2. Consultative dialogues with political parties’ workers and local level leadership conducted to incorporate their views and suggestions about women and youth inclusion in the political main stream.
  • Supported capacity development of potential candidates, elected councilors and local government officials for strengthened local governance system
  1. Training workshops for Citizen’s Oversight Forums (COF) and Young Leaders’ Forums (YLF) conducted conducted
  • Raised awareness of important stakeholders, community elders, officials of the Election Commission of Pakistan, local political leadership on Pakistan’s political system, democratic and political rights, especially of women and youth
  1. Quarterly newsletters, covering issues of women and youth inclusion, published
  2. Quarterly radio talk shows aired to sensitize stakeholders and local masses about women and youth inclusion in mainstream politics
  • Orient district officials on Do No Harm principles and gender-sensitive budgeting and planning in three project districts
  1. Training workshops for district officials about Do No Harm principles and gender sensitive budgeting and planning.

 Project Description: The overall objective of the Jamhori Maidan Project (JMP) is to strengthen and engender democratic governance; recognizing women & youth’s leadership roles in three districts of Malakand Division i.e. Dir Lower, Dir Upper, and Malakand. 

In support to the implementation of the Malakand Comprehensive Stabilization and Socio-Economic Development Strategy and the Post-crisis Needs Assessment Report (PCNA) 2010 of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, ABKT has formulated this programme in partnership with the British High Commission, Islamabad to support the implementation of outputs that come under good governance, citizen-state engagement, capacity building of local administration for improved service delivery, and political empowerment of youth and women in the project districts. 

Five interrelated outputs have been conceived to achieve this outcome: 

  1. Built consensus among political parties’ leadership on increasing women and youth participation in the political process both as voters and candidates for creating an enabling democratic environment in the project districts
  2. Promoted citizens state engagement through formation of citizens oversight and young leaders forums in project districts for enhanced participation, transparency, and social accountability
  3. Built capacity of potential candidates and elected councilors on election campaign methods, gender-sensitive planning and budgeting in project districts especially focusing on women and youth
  4. Sensitized key district administration officials and civil society on “Do No Harm” principles for planning and execution of development schemes/ multi years plans
  5. Increased awareness among local community members about political system and democratic rights, and participation of women and youth in the political processes 

The JMP adds to the stabilization of the political environment, democratic governance, and improved service delivery in the post-conflict scenario in Malakand Division.

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