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Refuges Hosting Areas

Refuges Hosting Areas

Project Fact Sheet 01/2013:Strengthening Livelihood System of Afghan and Pakistani Communities (SLSAPC)

Livelihood, poverty alleviation, economic status uplift project

Project Description
The overall objective of the SLSAPC is to  help improving the livelihood and economic situation/system of Afghan refugees in Lower Dir Timergara in helping them for their smooth return to their places of origin in Afghanistan.

This project had been framed under ILO TREE methodology process. The purpose of the project was to improve poor livelihood and economic status of 300 men/families. The purpose was achieved through training individuals in selected trades in consultation with cooperatives formed within the target communities, HHs and major vender’s, individuals, wholesalers and institutions, job providers.

Four outputs contributed to achiev the goal of the project:

  1. Livelihood situation of 300 males improved and their income was increased by 60% through training in different trades and job placement.
  2. 200 females’ income increased by 50% through training in tailoring and embroidery and by selling their own products in the market via "Shop for a Cause" directly.
  3. Earning of 450 females increased by 50% through training and starting production and selling of eggs, milk and meat from the livestock and poultry provided to them during this project.
  4. The overall economic condition of the 950 Afghan and host families improved due to increase in their earnings by 50%.

Main Objectives

  1. Six Joint Cooperative Committees established to ensure participation of the target communities in identification, selection of beneficiaries, implementation and monitoring of the project activities.
  2. Six hundred and sixty five refugees and 285 host community beneficiaries (650 female and 300 male) provided with technical trade training, vocational skill training, tools, sewing machines, career counseling, improved breed poultry forming, livestock management and goats to help increase their income by 50 % till June, 2013.
  3. 50% increase in the income of 200 vulnerable women by selling their selfmade products in the market via “Shop for a cause" directly till June 2013.


Beneficiaries:The SLSAPC project had 950 direct beneficiaries.

Duration:September 2012 to August 2013 ( 1 year)

Location:(Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Dir Lower)

Project budget:Total budget: 312449 USD


Project Partners:National Partner Institutions:

Technical Board, Education Department, UNHCR, Afghan Commissionariate

Other Partners: District Press Clubs, Lawyers Associations, Personnel of Executing Agencies at District Level  

Development Partners: Bureau of Population and Refugee Migration (BPRM), U.S Embassy, Islamabad.

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